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Essence KPO is a customer centric service provider of outsourcing & remote sourcing solutions over voice, email and chat, accounting and data entry.
We believe in strengthening customer relationship through service optimization. Our continuous improvement methodology coupled with predictive analytics, delivers differentiated services, providing our clients with a competitive edge. Since customer support is a critical human touch point for eCommerce companies, Essence KPO enables revenue enhancement by maximizing each opportunity.
Essence KPO offers a Knowledge Process Outsourcing & remote sourcing (KPO) model that combines front office contact center and back-office processes called integrated KPO.
Our innovative outsourcing & remote sourcing services are currently being used to support financial services worldwide.

Handling Business Process with ESSENCE KPO

With Essence KPO handling business processes, our clients can focus on their missions and their constituents. Essence KPO offers integrated KPO, using technology-enabled services to merge front- and back-office business functions.
• Trained and highly qualified staff at your disposal, anytime you need
•Your work is completed and is available to you the first thing in the morning. Quick turnaround time.
•The cost of Outsourcing or Remote Sourcing from us will be a fraction of your existing or likely expenditure on that activity
•The work will be accomplished at significant savings
•The work will be completed on schedule
•The quality of work would be top-notch
•Dedicated team is assigned for each client
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