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Best Remote Accounting Solution
regardless of the size of your accounting firm or a business, are you interested in remote sourcing any or all accounting functions?
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Startup Businesses
Are you a start-up business requiring assistance with designing an accounting system, or hiring and training personnel?
Are you a
Outgrown Business
Has your business outgrown its current accounting structure, requiring additional expertise?
Essence KPO aims to create the best quality experience for our customers and stakeholders. We will achieve this through continual improvement across the following:
•Timely and transparent communication
•On-time and error-free deliverables
•Learning & development
We work with you to transform your organization

We work with you to address your most critical business priorities

Accounting Services

Offering Overseas CPAs, CAs & Accounting firms wide range services like Account Management to maximize Accounting Firms Profitability.

BPO/KPO Services

We provide to Overseas CPAs, CAs & Accounting firms our wide range of services with an option to substantially reduce cost.

Bookkeeping Services

For the actual execution of work, we will need to exchange information with the Overseas CPA/CA/Bookkeeper (hereinafter called overseas counterpart).

Processing of Data

On receipt of input, data is processed and accounting records are updated. Backups are taken and the relevant reports.

Back Office Services

A range of advanced tools and highly experienced in-house team capturers your data with the highest degree of accuracy & speed at cost-effective rates.

Methodology & Tools

A robust methodology through the Service Delivery Engine that enables us to deliver rapid transition, stabilization.

Advantages offered by Essence KPO:

Essence KPO offers integrated KPO, using technology-enabled services to merge front- and back-office business functions.

We deploy rapidly, either on-site at the client’s or off-site at a secure facility.
We offer multi-channel constituent relations via phone, email, online chat, and self-service.
We provide a single point of contact for constituent relations, employee information and services.
We employ well-trained professionals with highly specialized skills.
Rigorous controls and security standards into every KPO engagement.

We create enduring results

We help global leaders with their organization's most critical issues and opportunities