Benefits offered by Essence KPO

• We deploy rapidly, either on-site at the client’s or off-site at a secure facility.
• We offer multi-channel constituent relations via phone, email, online chat, and self-service.
• We provide a single point of contact for constituent relations, employee information and services.
• We employ well-trained professionals with highly specialized skills who incorporate rigorous controls and security standards into every KPO engagement.
With our unique blended delivery model, we work with our clients to determine the perfect mix of locations to deliver our services and solutions. We carefully identify the right talent matched to the customized requests and can offer a truly blended delivery model suiting your requirements.

We work with clients of all sizes

Many studies have proved a high correlation between customer experience and loyalty, and most business organizations continually evaluate how to enhance their customer interaction models in order to create an emotional bond with the clientele.
However, after making tremendous investments to increase profitability, reduce cost, and increase competitiveness - customer loyalty can remain elusive.
Essence KPO helps businesses to understand their customer's business requirements and also manage outsourced & remote sourced solutions designed to deliver measurable results including maximizing the customer relationship.
Our clients benefit from our integrated KPO model, which seamlessly merges front and back office business functions.
Our unique approach has allowed us to manage our customers' needs end-to-end, aligning customer care outsourcing or remote sourcing with research, analytics, process improvement, and back office processing to ultimately improve their bottom-line and reduce costs.

Expertise combined with personal commitment — that's our team's recipe for success

Our team have worked with some of the world’s biggest name

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What our customers think

See what our clients have to say about a variety of services that we provided

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